Since counter-terrorist endeavours have become one of the guiding inspirations in urban and structural design, the incorporation of massive fortifications into everyday streets, pathways and individuals edifices has spawned an entire industry of defensive architecture, completed with battalions of protective street furniture, which mainly functions on the basis of paranoia. With the current state of affair in the world of defensive urban development in mind, E Pluribus Unum is a piece of furniture that is specifically constructed for a gap between the car-bomb barriers/planters in front of the American General Consulate in Toronto.

The product packaging is made of ebonized Ash and sits on 4 eagle claw legs that were originally cast in 1871. Inside the box, one finds 3 beams that come together to form the seats and a first aid kit. The chair accomodates up to four individuals and is equiped with bubble levels, allowing the users to evaluate their stability in relation to the grounds and their co-users.

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