Order and Progress is a two-part performance and installation project that critiques the complex and ongoing tension between discourses of progress and colonialization. The first halfof the project, Burden, is a performance in which two taxicabs race across the main thoroughfare of Les Abattoir dragging piles of rubble in a halfhearted attempt to reach the end point. The origin of the rubble was culled from the transformation of the site for the second intervention, Unburden.

The project took place at La Fabrique Culturelle des Anciens Abattoirs a French colonial-era slaughterhouse constructed in 1922 by Parisian architects Albert Greslin and Georges-Ernest Desmarest which has been transformed since it’s closure in 2000 into an important site of counter-culture in Morocco and one of the only venues of resistance culture. The slaughterhouse was constructed as part of the French ‘modernization’ project to establish French standards of hygiene and building construction on a growing Casablanca population. The location of Les Abattoirs is adjacent to neighbourhoods such as Carrière Centrale, which was a focal points of resistance against the French colonial government and the police station in Derb Moulay Cherif, notorious as the site of extensive torture of leftist activists under the rule of Hassan II.

Burden is the first part of the two-part performance and installation project created in collaboration with Felix Kalmenson.

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